Comprehensive Marine Surveying

Daniel Cole is a certified Marine Surveyor with the National Association of Marine Surveyors (“NAMS- GLOBAL”), CMS#109-1062, in Hull and Machinery.  Daniel is a member of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), ABYC certified in Marine Systems and Marine Standards, 30+ years State Licensed Electrical Master,  #EC-13001992, USPAP compliant. He is also a member of the International Association of Marine Investigators, (IAMI) #04188, member of International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI), #1401690. Dan also has the distinction of being a Marine Fire Consultant.

Pictured above is the schooner, “Governor Stone”, She is one of the very oldest vessels still in service and listed on the US National Register of histororic places and the USCG registry of active vessels. A strong commitment by those who constructed her has given her a long and useful life, far exceeding the expectations of her age and style of vessel. Sadly many of the skills required to make her such a long standing success have been lost to antiquity and a drive toward  faster, lighter, less expensive methods of vessel construction. Happily, the skills, initiative, innovation, attention to detail and professionalism fostered by those who created the Governor stone are still alive and well among the cadre that make up Cole and Associates Marine Surveyors.

Our professional marine surveyors will assess vessels of all sizes, materials and service uses, assuring that they meet 33 CFR regulations, 46 CFR regulations, ABYC Standards and recommended practices as well as NFPA 302 rules for pleasure craft. We also:

  • condition and value for pre-purchase surveys
  • insurance – damage and repair surveys
  • complete on charter/off charter, tugboat, equipment and barge surveys
  • subchater M inspections and reporting
  • salvage surveys
  • shipping container survey
  • certify shipping containers
  • expert witness representation for legal cases
  • assist in evaluations for insured losses; including cases of suspected fraud or arson

Our surveyors may attend court as expert witnesses when necessary.