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Dan was great to work

Dan was great to work with and saved me from purchasing a boat that could have turned out to be a real nightmare! I had already checked out the boat I wanted to purchase but did not notice areas where the cabin had shifted causing gaps in the bulkheads. Something happened to this boat and Dan was able to identify the issue and immediately brought it to my attention. Dan seems to enjoy the forensic investigation aspect of his work and really knows the anatomy of a vessel. He is professional with a warm personality, and I felt like he sincerely had my back. I highly recommend Cole Marine Surveyors!

Sandy Hudson

My boat was destroyed by

My boat was destroyed by fire. In 2016 My boat was totally destroyed by fire while being repaired at a local Pensacola boat repair shop. The owner of the shop had let his insurance laps and refused to take any responsibility for the fire. As these things do it ended up in court. I located Daniel Cole and asked him to inspect the boat and provide expert witness testimony should the facts support my belief that the fire was not an accident but was intentionally set. Daniel spent hours inspecting and documenting the condition of the boat and found evidence the fire was not a random electrical cause but was likely set intentionally.
During his testimony in court Daniel methodically and with great skill and knowledge provided testimony which dismantled the mechanic’s defense. His reports were extremely complete and were prepared from training, knowledge, experience, and skill. His in-court presence was outstanding and he is very articulate, organized and he had unimpeachable facts. Needless to say, due to the skills of my counsel and the tremendous skill and knowledge of Daniel Cole’s expert witness testimony we won the case and were awarded the full value of the boat and motors ($123,000). I am convinced Daniel’s testimony was one of the winning moments for this case.
Daniel, thank you for your expert help during this case. I look forward to having your help as I replace the boat. I will have you inspect and report on any future boat I purchase.
Ken Arnold

Ken Arnold